The Road To Memphis

I think that cassie shouldn’t be going out in the woods. She is the only girl out there. The other boys are going hunting and she wanted to go to. She didn’t want to be home by herself. I think hunting is only supposed to be for boys. Some  girls do go hunting, but I don’t think girls are strong enough for that. I really got into the story when Harris broke his leg while hunting. It started to bring tears to my eyes. Somebody let there dogs out and the dogs started chasing him around.He did got bit by the dog and he had to stay in bed for a c couple of days.The man let his dogs and then said ”I didn’t mean no harm.”He shouldn’t have let the dogs out in the first place.Later on in the story everybody figure out that sissy was pregnant. They are trying to figure out, who is the baby daddy.They said that no of them have been seeing her lately.Everybody thinks it’s Clarence baby because he was the only one with her.I think it’s Clarence baby too.At first I thought sissy was never going to tell who got her pregnant.I was right. Clarence is the daddy of her baby.She said ”me and Clarence and this baby are going to be a family. That’s how I knew it was Clarence. Now sissy is talking about getting married. I don’t think Clarence is ready to get married yet and I think he is happy about having a child.I wonder if Clarence going to change his mind about marrying her.I have got the part when sissy and Clarence start to fuss.I think Clarence is already tired of sissy. All she do is fuss at him.SO Stacey took Clarence with him to strawberry. Sissy didn’t like the way he just got up and left.She don’t even know where he went and nobody want tell her.This what happen so far in my book.


The Well

 The well is a great book. I wonder why back in the days whites use to treat blacks so badly. Why can’t everybody just get alone and be friends. In this book it’s like a competition between the Logan’s family and the Simms family. I don’t think the Simms like the Logan’s family, because the Simms always find a way to get them in trouble.The boy name Charlie Simms is nothing but trouble. How come whites are always blaming black for their work. In this book one of the Simms boys put something stank in their well. The Simms boy put a sunk in their and blame it on the Logan family. They blamed it on the Logan family. They are going back to back fussing. They always get  blacks in trouble because they know whites want believe the blacks .Later on in the book hammer and is brother was going back and forth with Charlie Simms. I thought they was going to ignore, him, but instead they followed up with him. As I got further down in the book I notice that hammer and is brother did not ignore Charlie Simms like I thought they was. I think that it is nice that the black is sharing their  well with the whites. I don’t think they appreciate that. If was them I wouldn’t share my well with them. I wonder know why the Simms kids are so bad.They always making up lies on people.

Qu’asia Blog

I have finish reading breaking point.I have started reading a new book call The Road to Memphis.So far in this book Stacey had brought a new car.He went around showing everybody his ford.when he went to show his daddy, he ask ”where you get the money to buy that car.Stacey said that he saved up for it.His friends,sisters and brothers all like his new ford.He took all them for a ride.My predictions is, I wonder if his momma going to let him kept his new car.

Welcome to my blog everyone.I’ am reading a book called Breaking Point.In this book there’s a boy name charlie, his mother, and his friends.He doesn’t stay with his father because his mother didn’t think he could take care of him.Charlie thinks his mother don’t care about him.There are so many conflicts  in the story.The main conflicts is charlie and his friends stole a internet file.Charlie wanted to change his grade in one of his class.They thought they wasn’t going to get caught but they did.They was sent to juvenile detention for a week.